Fashion Figures, also called sketches are stylized figures used to draw clothes on them. Typical fashion figure is 9 to 10 heads high, which means that the length of the head to the foot is from 9 to 10 heads . For a designer, it is beneficial to have various fashion figures in different poses on hand for each project. The best way to start a fashion figure is with a cut of a magazine with a model in a pose that you like. The more extreme the pose, the better will be the figure.

How to draw fashion figures



Put the paper on a table or flat surface.

Put the cut underneath the piece of paper. You should be able to see the model through the paper.
Calca an oval around the head of the model. Make this oval thinner than the head of the girl.

Calca a cylinder for the neck, making it slightly longer than the model.

Draw a square shape conical, larger on top and smaller on the bottom, to the torso. The top of the square are the shoulders and lower waist. Beam waist smaller than that of the model.

Draw a smaller square tapered for the model’s hips. The square should be smaller on top and bigger on the bottom, the form must be the same width at the waist torso. The form should be completed in the crotch.

Two ovals decal long for each arm, starting at the upper edges of the torso. Draw a square for each hand.

Two ovals trace lengths for each leg beginning at the edges of the bottom of the shape of the hip. Make each oval third leg longer than the model. Draws a triangle on each foot, the tip of the triangle must coincide with the lower edge of the leg ovals.

Draw an outline of the figure, following the shape of the edge as a guide. Soften the lines between all forms and make smooth curved edges. Try drawing using a consistent line and dark. Draw a straight line in the center of the legs, on the bottom of the shape of the hip. Draw the outline of the bust, modeled as a placement guide. Add curved shoulders at the intersection of the arms and torso.

Draw the eyes, nose, lips and hair if you want, but many sketches do not include these details.

With crayons, add clothes, shoes and accessories to fashion your figure.