Create your own designer bag and choose the color, fabric, style and design you really want. If you’ve ever thought about becoming an international designer handbag, this is your chance to practice and create a very stylish bag. Whatever your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, with patience and practice can create the perfect bag. You think practically about what kind of bag you intend to create, such as color, design, pattern, material and usage. Investigate styles and designs that inspire you. Design various sketches, and once you’ve found the perfect sketch, put your work in action.


Draw the pattern you’ll use for design. If you’re pressed for time, you can find patterns online or at a fabric store. Once you have your pattern, cut and every segment connects you to the outside of the fabric chosen. Put a seam ½ inch (1.25 cm) in each section to make the stitching and lining. Repeat these steps for strengthening and lining fabrics. Each section must be symmetrical.

designer bag

Place pins and tacks on the reinforcing material to the wrong side. This will add weight and strength to your bag.
Put tacks on all pattern pieces along with the reinforcement. Make sure the fabrics are kept inside out. Once you’ve put tacks on all pieces together , sew the bag section piece by piece. Continue this method with the liner but keep your hands on the lining of the bag yet. Once all this sewing, turn your bag out so the design is shown. Fold the outer seams  to create a clean edge.

Fold the bag inside. Put a pin on the liner bag and fixed the chain handle on both sides of the liner. Make sure the handle fits below the liner and joins the bag structure. Sew everything in place.

Leave the details and embellishments as edges or chains.