Deliver a engagement ring your girlfriend is a big step, as it will indicate that you’re serious about the relationship. You could just give the ring to your girlfriend, or you can create a special memory, I gave it a new way. Here are some romantic ways to deliver an engagement ring and proclaim your undying love.

Red roses are the classic symbol of romantic intentions. To give a twist to the typical family gift, take a single red rose and ring hidden inside the unopened bud. Place the rose in a pretty vase and place it in a visible place, like your desktop in the office, where I constantly see your girlfriend. The bud will open within days, revealing the surprise ring.

Design your own engagement ring

Box of chocolates
Chocolates are a favorite gift for romantics. Buy a box of luxury chocolates, preferably in the form of heart, some popular chocolatier. Remove one of the chocolates in the box and replace it with the ring. Wrap the box with a nice bow tied with a fancy paper. When you open your girlfriend chocolates, going to see the ring.

The dessert tray
Take your girlfriend to dinner at a fancy restaurant, upscale. Make the arrangements in advance with the restaurant manager, sharing your plan to give a ring. During your appointment, after the meal is over, let the waiter brings the tray with the dessert, one of which should be covered with the ring.

The floating candle
Design a bathroom for your beloved and sprinkle rose petals or fragrant bath oils. Place soft, romantic music. Turn and place floating candles in water. Put the ring on an unlit candle to float on water.

The book of poetry
Buy a book of love poems. Pages leaves intact the first third book. Using a knife, carving a small box on the other pages to create a cavity for the ring. Give him the book and tell your girlfriend that you would like to read the poems aloud to her. After browsing a few pages, you will discover the ring.