TV shows like ” Project Runway “have activities such as sewing and design in an attractive way for both adults and adolescents. Teens, in specific, can be found in fashion design creative hobby, including the process and the outcome. Design your own clothes as a teenager, you can create unique garments that fit your size, budget and style. Perhaps it may be the beginning of your future career in fashion design .

Sketch and design
The fashionable designs originates with a sketch. This is necessary whether you sew a garment remodelas striped or another you found in a store of second hand . It may be helpful to start is a template, if you do not trust your skills to draw (in the “Resources” you will find templates for printing). The first sketches do not have to be perfect, but should express the forms and details that have occurred. You can add, color, fabric or cuts samples to your sketch, if you wish.


design for teens


Many people start trading patterns to sew along. Draw patterns on a pattern of stripes, especially those that are complex, difficult, but you can learn simple patterns to adapt to the shape of your body. When you start sewing, consider experimenting with both types of patterns, you design and modified it. To draw a pattern extends a large piece of paper and reproduces Based on the patterns sold in a fabric store. Furthermore, modified patterns are made ​​on a dummy dressed. You can make your own mannequin, to design or modify the patterns more easily, using adhesive tape (see “Resources” for instructions). Fabric is fixed on the mannequin dressed, and then cut it and sew as required. By changing the clothes you get other fluid and elegant, while design is more appropriate for more complex clothing.
The fashion design requires the ability to join the pieces you drew on your sketch and your design. You can buy a cheap sewing machine in a local shop second hand . Old machines made ​​before 1970, usually work very well and only need home care and maintenance. You will also need to gather the items needed for sewing, for example, pieces of fabric, thread, spools, pins and a hook to unpick. A good sewing manual is a useful tool, and so older machines operate as efficiently as new.

Redesign or modify garments worn is an ideal and feasible to experiment with fashion design . You can use pieces of your own wardrobe or look, in your parents, old shirts, skirts and other fabrics to get served. The stores of second hand are an excellent choice for redesign projects. A velvet dress old fashioned can be converted into a modern jacket, and a big shirt into a cute blouse made ​​for you.