In general, fashion and teenagers are very closely connected. Teenagers have specific tastes regarding fashion and the clothes they wear. His need to stand while watching their friends can be a difficult challenge when considering teen fashion designing. Talk to a youth group about their ideas and fashion preferences and tastes keep these in mind when designing for them.

Ideas and young prospects
Meeting a group of teenage girls. See your choices of clothing and current fashion in the existing group. Make every girl you talk about your clothes, including what you do not like. Ask them how they decide the colors of the clothing, the stylistic qualities and adjusting clothes. Notes on these aspects. Be sure to ask what is most comfortable to wear and what kind of role they expect to have their clothes, for example, elegant, versatile, and so on. View popular teen fashion magazines for additional information.

Design for Teenagers

Form and function
Using the information from your research group of teenagers, start making a list of functions and forms to help you frame your clothing designs. Determines assemblies such as jean pants and shirts that fit into this framework. Within this list, the form and style of clothes should be noted. This list expands, adds color choices and possible choices of fabric.

Start sketching ideas as the list that you have established. Start by drawing simple lines of your ideas and drawings full of different colors using a color palette set. Keep in mind the ideas generated by teenage girls when you think these sketches. Have another session with the young people to get their opinions on your finished sketches. Make designs and scores qualify aspects they like and do not like and the areas that they would change the design.

Make samples
Using sketches and selections of colors, start building samples and stitching clothes. Use this time as experimenting with combinations of fabrics and colors. Cose samples together, try the clothes on girls and get feedback regarding size, fit and style. Keep experimenting with samples until the designs reflect the tastes and styles of adolescents. Keep in mind your own design aesthetic when designing and believe, although adolescents have strong opinions regarding their own taste and fashion style are easily impressed with a new style. Use the ideas of the young as a framework for your inspiration and your own personal style.