Wedding rings symbolize love, marriage and lifelong commitment between lovers. None other than the engagement ring will make her perfect smile every time she looks at her finger. A solution to find the exact ring she has always dreamed of is to design the ring yourself. Do this on your own, or request your help to ensure that the result is exactly what she wants.

Collect pictures or drawings
Draw your engagement ring dream in a notebook if you have artistic inclinations, then takes the drawing to an artist or jeweler. Another option is to cut or print a variety of rings You Might Like and record small changes you want to make your engagement ring . Information leads to the jeweler.

design an engagement ring

Seeing is believing
Many jewelers Internet, as listed in the resources section, which lets you design your engagement ring , have built a software that allows you to see the ring you are building as you go. This is very useful if you can not imagine the ring in your head but you need to actually “see” it. Jewelers usually done in person a picture of your ring as you see it or show similar rings on they will do for you if you take your ideas.

Choose the metal
Decide the metal you will use before you start designing your own ring, particularly if you are an artist or jeweler who made ​​the draft for you. Know if you want white or yellow gold, silver or platinum before going further will help greatly in the process of designing your engagement ring and ensure the results you anticipate.

Choose stones
Choose stones and gems that will incorporate your ring such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires. Even if you use synthetic stones, is a good idea to know what type, shape and cut plan to use or have available at the beginning of the design process. Keep your realistic budget in mind while designing your engagement ring , if you want a perfect diamond of 3 carats is unlikely to happen with a budget of U.S. $ 500.

Jewelers and artists
Finding the right jeweler to create an engagement ring with the exact expected outcome can be a difficult task. Find a jeweler that offers jobs to fit through spoken or local ads. If you or someone you know has been happy with a particular jeweler, ask the jeweler if job offers made ​​to order or can refer you to someone who does. Use a local jewelers established and well known for results that are probably guaranteed. For something truly original and possibly less expensive, find artists, art students enjoy making jewelery and want to work under an agreement based on commissions. Because of the importance of the engagement ring and all they represent is imperative that you ask your jeweler references.