Have you ever ever wondered how your favorite celebrity always has a fresh look and bright eyes? Okay, probably has an army of beauty experts on hand to have him “red carpet ready” just to go for a coffee. However you can use some of the same tricks your favorite celebrity usually used for your personal benefit, especially when you have to fight those pesky dark circles under your eyes.

Celebrity tips for skin care

Daily wear SPF
Actress Camille Bell is always cheerful and energetic on the red carpet and cosmetics queen Bobbi Brown shares his secret why: SPF (sun protection factor) daily. If you wear SPF on your face and especially under your eyes every day, you decrease the impact of the sun on your skin. Too much sun is like a neon sign pointing to your dark circles due to increased melanin in your skin. Use facial products or solar filter with SPF daily to avoid this.


Brilliant shine
No matter how you are getting low but you will not see dark circles pretty eyes of Hilary Duff . This is because it adds a small amount of clear and glistening in the corners of your eye shadow. This results in a shiny appearance around the entire area and blocks the presence of dark circles under the eyes. If your circles are very dramatic, combines a concealer shade and watch those circles disappear before and below each eye.

Traditional concealer
Actress Reese Witherspoon is confident his concealer since I absolutely hate dark circles. Also goes dramatic in your eye makeup day in which circles are bad to draw attention upward instead of dark places. When choosing a concealer you should opt for something with yellow undertones to effectively combat dark circles. Also, keep in mind that if you want to go with more serious eye makeup, do that on the upper eyelid as below too much makeup look is very ornate.

Makeup light background
The innocent complexion Cate Blanchett, including lack of circle under your eyes, it is always in style no matter if it has come informally or on the red carpet. Achieve this look with light makeup product line that extends to the area under the eye to blend in with the rest of your face. Not crowd too much makeup or otherwise you may find that the weight of both facial product makes you seem larger than they really are.