Do you feel like you look too boring and serious with dark brown hair?. Then it’s time to clarify. Rinse your hair from dark brown to dark blonde is a fairly simple process and the results can be amazing. will surprise as a few shades lighter can highlight skin tone and give you a whole new attitude.


Go to store items of beauty and buy a tincture of six levels of dark blond hair with a neutral base (“N”). You will probably be labeled “6N”. The base neutral or naturally ensure that you have the color you want, without reddish or golden tones. Also need to buy a bottle of 30 volume developer in the store.

how to dye your hair

Mixing hair dye with 30 volume developer in a mixing bowl, following the product instructions. Mix them well with the comb or with a whisk. Dissolve all lumps to make it a creamy dressing. Put on gloves to avoid damaging your manicure.

Separate your hair into four equal parts. Use the tip of the handle of your comb to separate dyeing your hair from the middle line of the forehead to the middle of the back of the head. Separate it again from the top of your ear to the tip of your other ear, and uses four large hair clips to keep fixed and separate each section.

Drop one of the back sections first. The back of your hair tends to be darker than the front, so when you clarify your hair, starting with the sections you back. Begin applying color from the middle (1 inch from the roots to two inches from the end) sections of 1/2 inch wide to complete the section.

When you’re done with the first section back, still with the other section back, and then do the same with the front sections. When all of your hair is dyed in half, take the first section and apply the color to the roots and tips. Take each of the four sections in the order in which you applied the color the first time.

Put the alarm clock at 30 minutes and let the dye do its magic without disturbing her. When the time is up, rinse until the water runs clear, put your hair with a number of generous conditioner , leave it for a minute and rinse.

Congratulations! you changed your boring dark brown for dark blond sexy.