Asymmetric hairstyles are bold and are fashionable. Although the diagonal cuts can easily be bold, there are several styles ranging from subtle to extreme. With the many ways you can cut your hair, it is rare that two diagonals styles are exactly alike. This gives you the opportunity to get a unique hairstyle. The diagonal cuts are popular for all ages, but teens are more open to experimenting with bold styles. Familiarize yourself with the styles of asymmetrical haircuts and diagonal long hair .

Asymmetrical Bob Long (cut with bangs)
The cut “bob” long asymmetrical is a popular and versatile style that can be worn with or without bangs. Although the long bob tends to look good in many types of face shapes are ideal for round and oval face. This haircut is fashionable and is bold, but it seems also appropriate for every day, gives professional look and serves to formal events. You can add borders to this style through angles or diagonal bangs down with a side part and smooth layers.

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Diagonal bangs
Rather than make a straight cut bangs, which is more traditional, you can try something more modern and stylish . Experiment with a diagonal cut bangs that can allow other style, but keeping your long hair , the cut is limited to the front only. Bangs do not compromise long diagonal length and can easily return to your usual look.

Front frame corner
This style is ideal for long hair with a split in the center or side. Although this style involves more hair removal compared with asymmetrical bangs, finishing style is awesome. To achieve this appearance, the hair is cut diagonally to sides and angles in the desired shape. This leaves full length on the back and focuses diagonal cuts toward the front of the hair. The graduate with angular sides, delicate and soft to the front of this particularly nice hairstyle for square face shapes layers, according to the website The Hair Styler.

A Mohawk side
It’s a haircut with a short side while the other side remains long. It is another asymmetrical fashion style as Beauty & the Bath. With only one short side and the absence of hair spikes, this aspect has emerged in popular styles and has an updated and refined twist to the traditional Mohawk. To add a diagonal twist on this style, the tips of the hair remains long can be cut in a clean, sharp diagonal angle. With this style surely you’ll capture attention with a bold look.