Not all hair colors any woman feel good. The wrong hair color for your skin tone can make you look pale, sallow years or can even get up. Women with yellow tones in your skin should avoid golden tones and vibrant reds. But there are a variety of colors that positively feel good when combined with this skin color.

This color sits beautifully with dark eyes and hazel. Because the yellow tones of your skin, never look like a gothic queen. This is also a color that has a fierce look in both short and long hairstyles. Although long hairstyles, you may want to add some subtle color highlights to break the eggplant color. Many tangled layers are also a great way to give shape and depth to dark hair. The black hair also looks very good with a lot of colors, really leaving your options open in the closet.

hair colors

Medium brown
The eyes of hazel, blue or green will have a nice look positively with medium brown hair. This rich color makes skin with yellow tones look fresh and healthy and highlights light colored eyes. Use this versatile tone in any style and cut length. Avoid adding golden highlights, since only make you look sallow. Instead, neutralizes your skin tone and provides depth to a medium brown hair color by adding reflections tan. Try to wear colors like brown, tan and green forest.

Accentuate your color with a dark mahogany tone. This is a color that also looks great with green or blue eyes and short hairstyles or medium. Make sure the mahogany shade you choose is not too red and closer family or the brown family color wine. If your tone is too red, contrasted with yellow skin tones. This combination of hair, skin tone and eye color is also sensitive to getting dressed. Wears dark green pants, black or ivory.

Sandy blonde
For those women who believe in the saying “blondes have more fun”, it is advisable sandy blond. This is also a great choice for natural blondes or girls with yellow tones with green, blue or hazel eyes. Women who decide to slightly sandy blond chestnut should avoid golden highlights. Opt for reflections ash or small pale brown highlights. This combination of hair and eye color feel great with pinks, greenish yellow and neutral colors like cream and mocha.