Creating a clothing brand is very different to start a clothing line. These two terms are not interchangeable, but a clothing line needs a clothing brand to hit the market. An entrepreneur without design experience can start a clothing brand a few simple steps. You just have to know where to look for what you want and what steps to take in the process.


Bring design your label to a concept paper. What you have in your head may not be exactly what you get when you put it in a small enough to fit in the back of a garment label. Keep it simple. Sometimes using only words is better prepared to use images to create brand recognition.

create your own clothing line

Visit the website of the Office of Patents and Trademarks Regitradas in / main / trademarks.htm and click “Search Marks” (Trademark Search). Click on “New User Form Search” (New User Search Form) and type the brand name or label that has been working. If the name is clear and has not been used will not be shown in the database. If you like a name that someone else has registered a list of trademarks and their registration status is displayed.
It is a business entity in your state and get all tax identification numbers required by the city, county, state and federal government and required licenses. You should know if you are selling through retail stores or if you’re only going to sell your products in bulk to merchants and vendors. This makes a difference in the fact that you have to pay taxes on sales on your shopping. Different states have different rates for this process. It could cost between $ 500 and $ 700 to get all the paperwork and initial liability insurance civil. (You will need a minimum of $ 1 million in liability insurance before you begin.)

Add the name to the Office of Patents and Trademarks U.S. This can be done online or by mail. Remember, even if you’ve researched the tag name ( trademark ) and does not appear in the database, another person may be in the process of registering the same name at the same time. The one that arrives first is the winner. Cost between $ 275 and $ 375 to register your trademark. If you register online, you must be ready to pay with a debit or credit card, if you register by mail, you can send a check or money order with the application. Register your brand name and company name. Doing this will protect you and when you’re ready to sell. You can sell the business without having to sell the brand, or you can sell the brand regardless of the business.

Create a label. One of the easiest ways to do this is through what is called private labeling. First, you will need to design and have a list for label printing. Decide what designer labels or which manufacturer you want to work with, based on what type of clothing has to offer. You can buy the items as is or add your own special touch. You’ll have to send the company had printed labels for the occasion. Your labels will be positioned as the garments are made.