Make crafts with beads can convert normal garments, handbags, home decor and jewelry in extraordinary artwork. Exploring different patterns you can create and mix the beads with many other items. By using different types of beads and shapes on the market, the artisan can imagine a multitude of processing ideas.

coon pearls

adornoa your shirt
Take a normal shirt and spread it on the work surface. You can design your own pattern of beads or use a template as a butterfly. Select the type of beads, such as freshwater pearls. Selects the shape of the beads, such as seed, rice, button, stick or tear. Use a nylon thread for any use beading needle. The size of the bead and the hole size will affect the type of thread and needle that can be used. Pass the thread through the back of the shirt and tie a double knot. Pass the thread to the front of the shirt and form a bond with the pearl. Passing the thread through the fabric to the rear and forms a knot. You can choose to pass the thread twice in the pearl. Among a more elaborate design, mahyor be the time it takes the project. Although each application is time consuming, the end result is worth it. Always forms a loop and the beads in the same direction. The nylon shirt disappear once the project is completed.

Decorate a pillow
Eleige solid pillow. You can use a texture pattern, but the pearls are not the main focus of the pillow as an accent. For example, if your pillow is made of a solid silk dupioni, uses a mother of pearl or a pearl or iridescent pearl finish. Use a focused reason, or you can place your beads in a random order. To fully cover a pillow, leave a space of 2 inches (5 centimeters) away from the beads. Start your first row in a diagonal pattern. Start the second row from the first two pearls. This will provide the basis for a staggered effect upon completion. The third row is aligned with the first row, and the fourth row is aligned with the second. Use a nylon all-purpose light or a tone. Adjust the needle and thread with the size of the pearl.

Pearl bracelet
Bracelet model developed on a work surface. Select bracelet elements. You can mix with glass beads, glass, precious stones donuts shaped faceted beads or metal. Select the material and snaps or zippers. You can choose to insert alphabet beads for a personalized bracelet inspired by the friendship of pearls. Once the pattern has been completed on the table, begin stringing the beads. Add your snaps or zippers. Use jewelry pliers to shape the rings or links, place the cuff closures.