The dress is one of the key pieces in many collections for spring and summer. In addition, it is a very bearable garment and heat can be seen at 100%. Certified is one of the firms also committed to dress women with them for what has presented a wide range for this spring and summer with different designs to fit the shape of every woman including those curves.


The collection

Among the proposals Certified, are the fabric of floral prints with air acquires a romantic and youthful, although there is also designs clothes lingerie. Furthermore, the possibilities are wide because there are more short dresses and other long to toe and some peculiarities as are incorporated in some models cords neck to give a different touch. There are even patterns that simulate the animal print in which the snake is imposed.

In the collection of dresses Cortefiel for spring-summer there are also certain dresses straight where the waist is marked with a small belt or those in which they are smooth with very elegant lines and are designed for events or occasions who want to go fixed. Besides, they are easily combined with jackets. The lace is one of the predominant elements in many of the signature dresses, which are incorporated in both the décolleté and sleeves and in the bottom of the dress.

Other proposals are die cut following one of the major fashion trends for spring-summer 2016 and incorporating valances on the front on a white background. Other alternatives are the dresses tunic so comfortable for hot days, or those incorporating the gauzy skirt with flight to create a very feminine silhouette as well as outfitters. These are just some of the proposals to be beautiful comfortable and elegant without having to give up the fashion trends.





















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