There were times when the legs were the focus of all eyes, then the lolas and glutes. In 2015, the waist was the body worship zone in gyms. Now this summer we anticipate a clear trend:  the abdomen is and will be the new cleavage. The famous ones have been annotated to this sexy trend very popular especially among the youngest. There are many ways to wear this look and can adapt to different styles.

new cleavage

The top models incorporated it into their daily outfit. Even a shirt shows the abdomen. Tests confirming that the abdomen is the new neckline. In the Golden Globe was the most haute couture dresses.  Cande Tinelli our it girl is the clear sign that that area of ​​the body is key. One of the trends is to wear tattoo on the midriff.

On the catwalks of fashion week in Europe, the top crop was the most visible garment. Local brands, like Cher, impose the trend in their collections. A Tini Stoessel face of the campaign fits really well this look. So, that will be a matter of joining the fashion. But watch out for this. Between wearing the garment and wearing, it in style there is a big difference and the key is the way to train and feed.

It is believed that the star has lost about 11 million in jewels stolen last Sunday during a trip made to the Fashion Week in Paris. Among the stolen jewels, there was some very important and sentimental value for Kim Kardashian such as an engagement ring created by jewelry designer Lorraire Schwartz but designed and gifted, less than a month by her husband ago, Kanye West.

This piece emerald cut was composed of 20 carats and valued at 4 million. It is known that the celeb wore the ring every day thanks to the photos published through their networks. The last time Kardashian showed what the world was for a video Snap chat Sunday night, just two hours before the incident.