With the arrival of winter and low temperatures we tend to turn to the topic of save all cheerful and colorful clothing and show off our looks only making use of the palette of colors dark. I propose to make this year 2013 not boring…look for colors in winter! If, if, I mean those vibrant colors of spring and summer, which they do not need a letter of introduction and are able to rejoice one day, gray and dark.

Colors in winter!

You like to find out how look these tones and how combine them ?We start with something simple such as the combination of two great friends: Red and white. Both make us get a set of powerful and sexy.

Look White Stars

The rose is without a doubt, the most feminine color we can look… I propose the combination of this color with a Burgundy tone… everything is to dare!

Poncho look Burgundy

It is fashionable Blue Teal , a shade between green and blue which I propose to take with pastel colors this winter. My choice for this look was a Klein Blue pants of the same color and shoes and clutch in pastel tone range.

Look Maxicardigan

Blue Klein is one of the most oft-repeated colors throughout the different seasons. Combines very well with tones camel, land or grayscale.

Look Boyfriend´s sweater

Bordeaux or Burgundy, the color of the wine, is one of the protagonists as soon as we started the autumn/winterseason. Looks great with tones cakes or the range of targets.

Look Teddy ears

And so far my proposals to show off a winter much more cheerful and colorful. If you still do not dare to incorporate these as vibrant shades in your closet, why not start with scarves or handkerchiefs? Either… do some snap-in? You get to give an original touch of color to your look duller.