Making jewelry is an activity creatively satisfying. As director of jewelry, you must use your artistic sensibility to determine the shapes, sizes, styles, textures and perhaps most important, the colors of your creations. With the seemingly infinite variety of colored beads, charms, chains, cords, wires and other components available, there are many opportunities to combine colors in an attractive way when you’re designing handmade jewelry.

colors in handmade jewelry

Combine the colors harmoniously
If you see a color circle, a diagram circle of colors used by artists and designers, you will see that certain colors are located near each other. These are called analogous colors or harmonious because there are within the same family of hues. Combine harmonious colors in your jewelry will give you a serene and friendly style. For example, you can make a necklace combining pearls in blue, teal, and blue-violet; blue in the presence of all the pearls will have a unifying effect, although a slight variation in their colors will give a dynamic quality.

Complementary colors are located directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Because they are polar opposites, really highlight the best of themselves, or will complement each other. Create earrings with Citrine, a gemstone yellow, and amethyst, a precious stone purple. Since yellow and purple are complementary colors, use them together will create a bold and vibrant effect.
Use monochromatic
Sometimes the most attractive styles of handmade jewelry are the consequence of not combine any color. Instead, adopt a monochromatic approach and uses components that have the same key. For example, design a bracelet made with seed beads bottle green, emerald green gemstone briolettes and green vintage buttons. By keeping everything under the same hue you can give a piece of jewelry a classic and elegant look.

Consider the user
Sometimes the best way to create color schemes in jewelery jewelry is to adapt to the user. If you know the person who will use your handmade jewelry, consider your colors. For example, if your friend has light green eyes, make your earrings in red, which is the complementary color of green. Earrings can make your eyes stand out even more. A woman with rosy cheeks can look nice with a necklace made of pearls fuchsia, pink and red, that will harmonize with your complexion.