Find the colorful makeup perfect match with your complexion and skin tone allows you to hide the stains and easily soften the overall appearance of your skin. Use colors that complement your skin tone will also help to highlight and emphasize your other features, including the lips and eyes. When you go to buy makeup for you, it is important to know which colors suit your skin tone in order to find a base or a dye solution is perfect.


Make a list with the type of makeup you are looking for, including foundation, blush or eye shadow. Budgets help you not overspend on beauty products.

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If your skin is clear, you must look for a blush-toned brass, copper and peach. For fair skin, a clear base (ivory color) or pale tone help balance the appearance of your skin. Peach, pink and pale colors go well on the lips if you have this skin type. When purchasing eye shadow, opt for neutral colors, including brown, khaki and earth tones. Avoid using black shadow or eyeliner. Instead, use brown, which blends well with a white complexion.

Buy neutral and pale colors when using base makeup if your skin is medium or olive color. This type of complexion goes well with pink blushes and plums, as they give your face a natural lighting. The use of neutral colors like beige, chocolate brown and caramel, will highlight your eyes, like gold and silver traditional.

Avoid using dark purple or vibrant blues, and that make your skin look inflamed or bruises. If your complexion is olive, pale neutrals and used for your lips and delinéalos tones using a darker shade to highlight your mouth more.

Use a touch of pink to give you shine and enlighten you if you have a darker skin tone. To highlight your eyes, opt for golden tones, silver, chocolate and deep colors including emerald green, purple and navy. Use blush pinks, fuchsia and apricot or opt for one of bronze or berry . Buy lip gloss and colors to be the honey tone gold. Other colors for lips darker skin include berry , dark red and deep plum.

Visit store makeup or cosmetics which allow you to perform tests to find the ideal colors for makeup . When trying to find a base combine, apply some on the inside of your wrist and blend. Let it dry to compare how it looks on your skin and thus know how it will look when you use it on your face.