A dress black with silver jewelry is the classic style that can dress a girl. That said, this simple combination can be a bit boring, especially for a night on the town. Avoid shoes and even neutral colors with this set silver unadorned because unfortunately will make you look like you’re by going to a funeral. Instead, be bold. Opt for a shoe that adds a touch of color. This season, several bright colors can make your outfit shine.


color shoes to wear

Since the spring of 2011, everything has been tried on the colored blocks. This means choosing clothes in bright colors that usually do not imaginary. Now is the time to start using canary yellow. This color that turns heads always looks good if you combine it with black and, unlike gold, silver is not in conflict with this cool tone. Really wild and exaggerated Turn your style with tights in teal or purple.

Every woman should have a pair of red shoes. They are sexy without overdoing it and add a wild side without sacrificing sophistication. Ultimately, for a black and silver set, red is a great resource. This combination is bold, without making you go too far from your conventional manner. Avoid muted tones and choose the red on. Depending on your style of dress, closed test in red shoes, the heels of needle or shoes ballerina .
Stop playing it safe and try to match your outfit with a cool pair of teal shoes. Fashion is about taking risks and teal is a color of shoes that is not common. The nerve can try this color balerina shoes or closed type. But for girls who feel more adventurous, try the boots of this color as the runways of Blumarine and Alberto Ferretti.

Give your plain dress a touch of fun black female with pink shoes. This color is not just for Barbie. In fact, it is one of the tones to fall back for accessories lately. Try to combine your dress with closed shoes in pink gum, or ballerinas in electric pink. Do you love live life out loud? Take a knee-high boots magenta for your simple set black and silver.