Puckering has never been so fun ! With the incredible variety of tones available to paint your lips lush, it is crucial to use a tone appropriate for you. When it comes to selecting the color of lipstick suitable for medium skin tone, you must remember to work with your actual lip color. Your lipstick should always be of a color similar to your natural lip – go too far in the wrong direction can lead to dramatic look scary sometimes. Lipstick should also be fun and make you look beautiful. There are many nuances that go well with medium skin tone. Choose one of them is the problem.


With respect to the colors of lipstick, red is almost cliché. But for a slim body with red and yellow, is really a classic unsurpassed. It is ultra glamorous, super feminine and timeless. A red lipstick uploaded enhance your lips and brighten up your face. This is the best way to get a classic look irresistible.

color lipstick


Pink is part of the popular skin tones found in the makeup counters. A pink mimics the natural appearance of the lips, but it gives a fresh glow to your face. With a touch of soft pink and beige will give a calming effect to a medium skin tone. This lipstick color cover red tones and give you a fresh glow.
A nice brown serves as a good shade for medium skin tones. A dark brown with yellow undertones look good and give your lips a natural and elegant. Choose a color dark brown – light colors will not be noticeable on your skin. A hint of chocolate will give an elegant but strong you can look into a sophisticated evening event.


Hot Pink
The Barbie is back and, yes, the hot pink is an awesome color for use with a medium skin tone. Do not be afraid to look as if the makeup of the 1980s you had swallowed and you had drowned in it. A hot pink with subtle makeup will give you a fun look for a party or even a very original to use it during the day. The hot pink is perfect for medium skin tones, and it works well with red hues, but, more importantly, illuminates your complexion.