If you are a woman considering a modern overcoat or a raincoat is a proper shelter for the cold spring weather, you’re on the right track. But you can not think that the trench work well as stylish winter coats. In fact, do not want to use your spring trench coat in the winter. All reside in the lining and fabric. For those not so cold days of winter, preferred fabrics like wool, or mixtures cashemira. For those occasions almost polar, shows a coat linings constructed proof for inclement winter weather.
wear a coat

If you have an eclectic style and are looking for a trench coat with a little spice, everything is in the details . Features classic double breast and over three quarters of the leg are still valid, but keep your eyes open if you see edges contrasting embroidery or pretty colors. Let’s say you’ve won the lottery with a trench coat with a dark purple edges cream buttons and cream hues. Use this garment on a wrinkled neck black sweater, some dark blue jeans and gray high-heeled boots.


Inspired by menswear
Surely trench inherently offer a masculine-inspired vibe, but a straight look that does not include a narrower belt and a wide lapel, it may be too much masculinity to your outfit. Prefer a coffee candy coat with buttons that mimic tortoiseshell on a round neck sweater blue. Put on a pair of straight leg jeans and a blue chukka boots worn thick and sand taco tone and be ready.
Classic Chic
When you’re looking to incorporate a raincoat to what otherwise is a classic winter wardrobe, your search is simple. Start with a classic black trench coat that buttons that combine, a belt and a line silhouette A. Use your coat buttoned over a blouse tucked into a gray tweed skirt. Get some opaque black tights and a pair of black boots for riding. So cute and polished.

The military trend
When you’re looking to have a winter coat vanguard does not deviate significantly from classical, preferred style military . Is totally trendy and goes well with almost everything. Find a dark blue gabardine double breasted buttons on metal. Oh, and if you can find one with epaulets, even better. Wear this coat over a dark gray V-neck sweater and maxi chiffon with a floral pattern in burgundy and gray abastracto tones. Put on a pair of opaque tights to stay warm and suede booties shoes skin color with tapered heel. Too chic.