The shirts and short skirts are the order of the day in all the fashion magazines and clothing stores. Besides clothes racy and tight jeans in malls, everything has become a nightmare for many parents. Rather than exclude your teenage daughter downtown shopping , consider some arrangements that go hand in hand with fashion that will allow you to continue using clothes trend in the crowd, while also allow you to have some peace of mind. The simplest, such as adding small triangles of fabric and match a rise tone appearance with a more modest fashion can easily make a much more appropriate clothing, while keeping your teenager happy and fashionable.

clothing for teens


Cut a small piece of mesh fabric in the shape of a triangle, about 3 inches wide by 3 high (7.5 by 7.5 cm). Turn inside out and a short shirt cósele triangles in the neck opening. The mesh fabric will allow the teen still feeling a little daring, while the fabric is strong enough so that the shirt becomes more appropriate for you to use at school or when out with friends.

It combines a pair of jeans set with a long loose robe. Your teen can use the jeans he loves and expose a little skin with a shirt. The length of the upper garment must cover enough of the upper portion of the tight jeans.
Throw in a hem at the bottom of a very short skirt. Let your child help you choose the fabric to lengthen your favorite skirt. Use a fabric with ruffles for a girl who loves lace or cotton fabric for a teenager who prefer their clothes unadorned. Sew the hem on the bottom side of the skirt.

It combines a low-cut strapless dress or a shawl for an event elegant , or a short for the day or even a jean jacket when going out for the evening with friends bolero. Make sure your teen really understand your concerns and agree with the changes, but you can remove the jacket when outside the scope of the view.