Hollister clothing brand is an interesting company to model clothing that advertises relaxed California style. You can become a model for Hollister if you have the style. An agent can help you find auditions and could end in an audition for a Hollister print ad. In addition, the company recruits models working in their retail stores. Apply for a job at Hollister and be eligible for selection. Follow some tips to become a model for this company.

 modeling for clothing brand


Find a talent agent. Look on the website of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) to find one franchise in your area. An agent can arrange an audition with casting directors who put people in Hollister clothing ads.

Find auditions through the Actors Access website. This allows you to find auditions in major cities where print ads and commercials are made. You do not need an agent to book an audition through Actors Access.

Looking background work for a Hollister ad. You could find work background in a Hollister ad even if you do not have an agent. The background work means that you may not be presented in the ad, although it may show up in a crowd with other models .

Contact Hollister Company through the website of the company. You can send an email to Hollister and ask if you can send a business model and photos showing your measurements. You must also demonstrate to Hollister that you are with an agency that you can send to audition.

Apply for a job in a retail store retail Hollister. According to the company, the models are recruited from the shops. You may be eligible to be in a being hired ad, and you should be there to work looking for the best way to increase your chances of being elected.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not pay money for the auditions of Hollister.You do not want to get ripped off and never should have to pay for casting directors auditioned you.