Kristi Rains Maryland Gazette magazine says “Teenagers today, especially girls , have begun to create and use your own creative outfits. ” With magazines such as Teen Vogue publishing articles of do-it-yourself, the young people are taking fashion to guide their own imaginations. The fashion home helps save money, achieve a sense of accomplishment and can even generate a social event. While the self-generated style alternative to spending on brands, fashion do-it-yourself continue to grow in the world becomes.

Why does the do-it-yourself?
Many young people like to express their creativity by developing a sense of independent fashion. However, this desire for expression can be a pain for parents wallet. Do-it-yourself (HTM) is an attractive choice to satisfy everyone’s desires. In addition, the teen gets bragging rights involved a unique fashion. HTM Many projects are economical, takes little time and can be made ​​with old clothes. While some may require some knowledge of sewing , others just need scissors and glue. For even more fun, you can create a session created to include more girls eat and go to buy material.

make your own clothes


Jersey Short Sleeve Dress Joseph Altuzarra
The designer Joseph Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy in, makes a simple dress in a turtle neck short sleeve variation with protruding shoulders to Teen Vogue. The project requires a set of pads, scissors, needle, thread and tape. Using a sleeve dress long, short sleeves and Altuzarra used the excess fabric to create a cover for the shoulder pads. Then sew the shoulder pad dress and finish hand sewing the hem. This variation operates in most stretch garments, except those with loose tissue.
Simplicity corset role
For more advanced, or adolescents using seamstresses sewing, Simplicity has a garment that combines fashion with protecting the environment . Pattern 2966 includes a variation that uses magazine pages instead of fabric for the outer coating. This requires top seam so intense as other designs and is truly unique. Simplicity patterns supports their telephone customer service, so there is help if your teen is stuck with some hard part. Another variation: use own art on paper instead of glossy magazine pages.

Custom Pants
Denim is probably one of the easiest things to customize. Hard cotton absorbs color well and is easy to style you up. Your teen can paint, draw, dye or bleach your jeans, or you can add a number of beads and rhinestones to add sparkle. Additionally, denim can be cut in different places and wash gets frayed. If used bleach to fade pants are needed supervision, adequate ventilation and eye protection to ensure safety. When bleached or dyed clothing, care must be taken to wash clothes in a single later to remove any remaining product.

Some tips for sewing
When hand-sew a garment, remember to take your time and use small seams. This not only makes the finish look better, but also last longer. Measure and mark the cut lines for a more accurate and professional results, and do not cut blindly. Keep an iron hand to smooth the seams before making the stitches, this produces a cleaner appearance and makes sewing easier. Finally, try to use a sewing machine if there are any available . They may look intimidating, but these machines ensure stronger than a handmade garment.