Most girls have some feature of their body they do not like as much as they wanted. However, with the huge variety of garments and styles on the market, you can camouflage your problem areas by covering them or calling attention to other areas you feel most comfortable. If you have arms full, you may prefer to bring at least one medium sleeve covering a little, just be aware that not all sleeves favor robust arms.

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If you absolutely hate it show the arms, sleeves will be your best ally in any dress. While it is true that the sleeves long hidden well your arms, do not have to limit yourself to them. A dress with sleeves three quarters loose with a hint of lace or otherwise, will also divert attention from the problem areas of your arms. A Japanese or raglan sleeve can cover just enough, but do not forget that fashion mavens say that in fact, with this style, it draws attention to the most critical part of the garment cut arm just above the shoulder. Choose sleeves that end in the thinnest part of your arm or other loose or type style bat wing. Avoid sleeveless puffy, just calling attention on the arms.

Some store owners believe wedding dresses strapless dress type (without straps) can support even the bulky arms, explains Racked. Others claim that an eyelet neckline or one with a narrow applied (preferably a strip of cloth) that goes from side to side showing the shoulder bone is much more flattering to her arms full short sleeve that falls right in the upper arm.
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A dress with bottom wider than the top, as is the case of cutting pleated dresses online or A, subtract attention to your arms. An A-line dress with V-neckline also conceals the arms to draw attention to other areas and to lengthen your figure. Note that best fit you a dress made ​​as one of a store and do not forget to choose a fabric “firm” that fits to the shape of your arms. The material that is “muddy” only highlight any area of the body where you use it. If you have no problem completely go sleeveless or spaghetti using braces, make sure your dress is not too tight under the arm. A tight dress will create bulges and draw attention to where you do not.

The knit fabrics and “soft”, like the ones that are stiff and thin, become apparent only problematic parts and will make you feel like you have sausages hanging from the shoulders. Choose lightweight, loose and fluid to the area of ​​your arms. The color similar to your natural skin tone reduce the difference between clothes and body, so they can befriend the limit dividing lines. Also, think a dark manga even more attention to your arms because of the color contrast.