If fashion trends in makeup talk, there is something much more innovative than the airbrush . In high standards of beauty, a new method to correct and cover imperfections, not in the face, but in the collarbone. Yes, as you hear: more women dare to make clavicles . Had you ever heard about it? Have you ever wondered what it is? Let’s see.

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Everything about the makeup of clavicle

This staining technique is probably not used every day, unless you’re a dancer or assiduous red carpet celebrities. The particularity of this technique is its advantage when certain dress is used, and highlight the clavicle area becomes thinner and elegant look.

Clavicles Makeup

To achieve this effect, the keywords in makeup clavicle are “moisturizing” and “light” since what is sought is a glow. This is achieved by use of a moisturizing cream with some luster, and is obtained in various shades of color of the skin.

Simply applied onto the area to work, to enhance its color. Then it comes to give some attention to the clavicles , highlighting the area with a tone slightly lighter skin. It is a product exclusively created for this, and is applied just above the collarbone, giving a natural highlight, with a beautiful contrast.

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If in the process, you’ve gone a little on the makeup of the clavicles , a little sun powder and use a cream for spots in the area are a simple solution for others. Finally, we recommend using a light cream throughout the area to look smooth and glamorous.

Perhaps the clavicles makeup is not as simple as that procedure, and only applicable for great moments, like a wedding, gala night or year-end holidays. But definitely worth a try even once!