Visit a beauty salon is a must for people who care about their appearance or who simply want to be clean. People are looking for a homely and professional environment before choosing a beauty salon as their best choice. Create an attractive and suitable space in your salon will attract more customers because many judge the beauty salon based on their first impression.

Equipment and furniture
Choose appropriate furniture. Choose a theme and buy according to it. You can choose a single theme or mix various topics. Options range from ancient to modern contemporary. Add accessories to furniture and cushions and vases on the tables to create a beautiful interior. Make sure that your equipment and furniture complement with respect to the theme and style. Add curtains to the windows or screens to accentuate your theme.


Choosing a beauty salon

Walls and ceilings
Define your topic in the walls and ceiling as these are the most important foci of attention. Use colors that relate to your topic and clientele. If your clientele is unisex, mixing bright and bold colors, a punk and funky lounge, bright colors work well in bright patterns. To create an old theme, mixing earthy and metallic colors. Add pictures or posters on the walls to make them more interesting . Invest in hexagonal, octagonal, triangular and round to your wall mirrors, the mirrors create the illusion of space.

Invest in high quality lights and uses the maximum amount of natural light. If you can not use natural light, artificial light maximized. Place lamps on the service areas to illuminate the hair of customers, this will help you judge the texture and color. Install a lighting system to keep the room bright. Different switches for each light will give you control over the lighting system.

Use the space appropriately, is determinant in the appearance of your living room. Install a well defined reception area with couches and a coffee table to create a homely atmosphere. Separate areas of hair wash, cut and beauty and reception. Define each area and, if necessary privacy, creates spaces with curtains or walls.