Red lips can be classic, but when it comes to direct attention to your lips, nothing is sexier than go for a natural tone. The look “better than nothing” is universally flattering, easy to refine and works in any season. With lips natural color less can be more, but skin color lipstick is far from being colorless, choosing a shade that complements the color of your skin and your hair without making you look pale or washed is the key to achieving this look.


Choose a shade of skin color lipstick is the one that best matches your natural color.


Colorless lip balm applied to highlight your lip color. “The best factor to choose a skin color lipstick that best fits your hair and skin tone is actually the natural tone of your lips,” says the professional makeup artist Alyssa Johnson of Giogio Armani. “Everyone has a different idea of skin color,” he added, but choose a shade to stay true to your own lip color will result in a natural and fresh appearance. Colours lips hide skin matches as does the red lipstick, so the balm has added value to condition your lips.

best color lipstick


Choose a shade of lipstick slightly darker skin color than your natural color of lips. This may seem counterintuitive, go for something darker when trying to achieve a simple appearance, but the lipstick is clearer can palidecerlos and make them look dry and yellowish.
Find a lipstick with shades that complement the color of your hair and skin. If you have pale skin, pink floral with hints of champagne and glitter highlight your mouth. “Blondes” advises Johnson, “should stay away from any brown or ashy gray “which will make them look boring and pale. Those with tanned skin can choose from shades of cream, caramel or for more reddish one soft mauve. For dark skin, choose a bright lipstick with soft brown hues latte. “The roses in shades darker skins will be unnatural” warns.