Buy clothes that fit and look good at the same time can be a challenge for most women. But low and small women often have trouble finding clothes that make them look taller. In addition, a short woman with bulging belly may have more difficulty finding clothes that hide your belly and make you look flatter. Learn a few things about how to choose the clothes properly can make a big difference.

choose clothes for small women



Try on all the clothes before you buy. Verify that the dress flatters both your height and your weight. Discard any clothing too tight, too long or too loose.

Use trapezoid line dresses or belted empire that will move easily over your belly and hide your waist line. The wrap dresses are another type of garment that flattens the stomachs rounded. Choose dresses or skirts that fall just above or just above the knees. The shorter skirts make legs look longer small.
Find blouses with ruching or fluted. This type blouses have bulked material areas that will give the appearance of being stretched. Also choose tops with wavy hemlines and those that are made ​​of materials that move easily. Stay away from clothes with bare belly and tight shirts.

Choose V-shaped necks to draw attention to the face and away from your midsection. V-necks and open necklines, also create the illusion of being taller and slimmer.

Choose tops that are slightly tapered and trimmed. The purge line taper your waist and cropped length will give the appearance of being taller.

Choose clothing with vertical lines, which will make you look taller and thinner. When you buy a garment with vertical stripes, choose the narrower rather than thicker. Avoid clothes with horizontal lines. This type of design has a lower effect seen and highlights the womb.

Buy pants or skirts in dark colors to hide your tummy. Dark colors will make your belly look smaller. Instead of buying only black or dark blue, choose darker shades of your favorite colors.

Avoid matching your dark bottom with highly contrasting blouses. Instead of choosing black trousers with a blouse white, choose a monochromatic color scheme. For example, dark blue trousers combined with a blouse of a lighter shade of blue. This will help elongate your look and attention away from your belly.