Finally, we’re moving towards spring, after a long in fact seemingly never-ending winter. Spring, with all it’s growth, renewal and beauty beckons, a bit of a tease, that! Especially since we just got another dump of the white stuff yesterday. It’s Winter’s last gasp. No matter how hard it blusters and carries on and refuses to leave, it’s inevitable. Sorry, Winter, too bad, so sad, see you later, way way later.

Spring is a charming season – the fresh scent of mud released from winter ice, the soft breezes promising warmth to come, the buds getting ready to burst, ahh, I look forward to this season so much!

The charms of Spring time made me think about the kind of charms you can wear to celebrate the season. I need to decorate myself with elements of springtime!

Some interesting background on charms: Charms have been in human society since pre-historic times, when certain items such as an unusual stone or piece of wood, were believed to ward off evil spirits or bad luck.

In ancient Egypt charm wrist and neck bracelets were important in the preparation for a prosperous life after death. They were also important as protective shields and as a sign of status in life.

In Roman times Christians used charms to identify them to get access to secret forbidden worship activities, and Jewish scholars inserted slips of parchment with writings from the law into little amulets to wear around their necks, to keep the law close to their heart.

In the Middle Ages, knights and kings used charms to protect their warriors in battle, and to cause trouble for their enemies.

In Queen Victoria’s time charm bracelets were all the fashion. When her husband Prince Albert died, she even made mourning charms popular – a lock of hair or a miniature portrait of the lost loved one.

At the end of World War II, soldiers would bring back little handmade trinkets from Europe and the Pacific islands. Jewellers realized the popularity of the trend and started to create charms for every occasion. The charm boom was born.

Charms are still considered a lucky or inspirational object to have on your person. Today we choose charms that have special meaning to us or to the special people we give gifts to. Many people, especially young people and children, find it lots of fun to collect charms for a bracelet or necklace.

On the online marketplace, you’ll find a great selection of hand crafted charms, necklaces and bracelets to choose from for every occasion.

What better way at a party to distinguish your glass from those of the other guests? Check out iCraft’s selection of wine glass charms – here is an example for a spring-time celebration, featuring flowers, something we all look forward to!

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Whether you’re looking to celebrate Spring with a gift for a special person in your life, or a gift for yourself, you’ll have a great selection to choose from at You’ll enjoy the selection of jewellery suitable for going to church, wearing in the Easter Parade, or simply helping you welcome Spring!

Looking for something unique and just a bit further out there? Try this ‘witches brew’ Tree of life charm pendant and earrings.

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In Spring we all emerge from our winter cocoons, along with Mother Earth. It’s a time to adorn ourselves with cheerful decoration, just as the world is preparing to adorn itself. Keep the faith, Spring is on it’s way!