Commercial present them as a great solution to the problem of cellulite, but is it true? Just so you know well what these creams are treated, be sure to know the secrets of cellulite.

# 1 The pictures are not true

Unfortunately, the images you see in the advertising campaigns of anti-cellulite creams are not true. They show a leg full of holes before treatment, and a smooth and shiny skin after it. Any woman who has such a miracle happened just use one of these creams is not known.

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# 2 No cure cellulite

Cellulite creams are not curative, just trying to diminish the appearance of orange peel. Do not think that just buying a product of these will be rid of the problem.

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# 3 No scientific evidence

There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support that cellulite creams cure this evil. Again, if you expect good results, you will be disappointed.

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# 4 Pure Illusion

This is something I thought life, and now the words of Dr. Lisa M. Donofrio, assistant professor of dermatology at the Faculty of Medicine, Yale University professor, support my thinking. 

She says it’s absurd to think that a topical agent (in this case a cream applied to the skin) can get penetrate multiple layers of skin and fat and achieve a change in something that is a product of genetics and hormones. In any case, how much product concentration needed?

# 5 It is an expensive treatment

To notice any changes in the skin, which only becomes more elastic, smooth and look more healthy, two months of continuous treatment are needed to apply the product twice daily. Imagine how much cream you need for that. 

Moreover, these results are durable, you’ll need to apply yourself cream lifetime, otherwise, the skin will look like before. And all without rid of cellulite.

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# 6 Do not forget to diet and exercise

And if you’re willing to start a treatment with anti cellulite creams for at least a better look, do not forget that you must accompany it with diet and exercise, otherwise nothing will.

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