The thirty can be a peculiar age for women. As for the clothes, want to convey a mature and refined image while also adhere to its youthful appearance. This balance is difficult to achieve, especially when dressing for the workplace or a formal occasion. However, a casual fashion allows greater flexibility in the choice of fashion. Fashion Dress your best thirty.

Shirts and Blouses

Leave home colorful silkscreen T-shirts emblazoned with large witty slogans as these garments are more for a much younger than twenty or twenty teenager. Your shirts should be simple and well-cut without being too revealing. A neck “v” solid color or a shirt, low neck, while basic, easily allows the combine with dark pants or other accessories. Selecting a blouse, choose light colors or pastel that accentuate your skin tone. As with any upper garment, looking for those that match, as this type of cut outline your figure. The Oxford man style shirts are great to add a classic touch to your style, provided they are not too large.

casual fashion


Loose trousers in khaki or dark color add an elegant subtlety to any outfit. When selecting jeans, avoid very scandalous or those who are destined to a group of styles minor age. Discard excessively loose jeans legs (flares or short boot), also those fake tears or holes and lots of artificial damage. Conversely, opt for jeans that are straight or cased with a clean cut and low bag (added excess unnecessary bulk bags). The length of the skirt depends on your body type, but drastically avoids miniskirts. By combining a mid-rise skirt to the thigh stockings will make you look casual, comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Shoes and heels

Several pairs of comfortable flat shoes are almost a necessity in any woman’s wardrobe because they are cheap and allow easy color scheme. Flat shoes dark or black add a touch of sophistication to the classic combination of jeans and shirt. Although flat shoes are a great all purpose shoes, do not underestimate your unforgivable pair of Chuck Taylors or other sneakers , this will add character to any style. A pair of leather sandals make any dress is casual during the summer and the last of the spring, provided that your toes are able to be seen. When choosing heels for casual wear, choose a pair that are relatively low, balanced and with it easy walk. Avoid dramatic heels needle, as these are anything but casual.

Bags and Accessories

Choose the elegance of any top in your choice of bag. A large, heavy bag designer is choosing a teenager or young twenties and looks out of place around the arm of a mature adult woman. Instead, choose compact hand bags with few straight lines or placed and tasteful. Search neutral, solid colors that can easily be combined with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re using a sober suit, you can supplement it with jewelry, a little more flashy but without exaggeration. Your jewelry or accessories should help coordinate your entire outfit, not dominate it.