If you’re like me you’ve left a lot of trends without buying because the pocket do not take it for more, now is your chance! And is that the sales are just around the corner, and as I said the other day Elha must have a lot of stock because we had time to see if we are lucky!

buy in rebates

Therefore I have brought some of the little things that I look for at a good price, this summer are trends that are standing hard and I have not had the opportunity to buy, either for money, or because they got tired of seeing them (even for a small Price could open his eyes again hehe). It is the case of glasses mirrors that seen ad nauseum, because hey if I find a good price mine will be!Let’s see what else I put in the basket of discounts! You know what you are going to buy in the sales?

The round toe shoes , wide heel and bracelet, Chloé clone of that has brought Zara, are gorgeous and are sure to bag a lot out.

The New Balance 420 , I do not know if you put them in the sale because this kind of shoes is never off, but just in case I want them in green or Azulones!

I have not fallen into the temptation of palazzo pants , but if I see a super bargain, can I try them save more than one event!

Clutch transparent , or purse, has been a revolution this summer … I do not know if will stocks but I want one!

Shorts origami , these if I do not know if it will be some hanging tags ready to buy, because they certainly have been a revolution! I did not buy them, but I tried the other day a friend and I love them!

The earcuff have become fashionable, if you’re curious to know how they look, or you want to take it on occasion rebates is your best chance!

Boyfriend jeans have been around about how many seasons trendy if you want to get yours rebates, divine treasure!