When women want boots that are comfortable, durable and long lasting, they often think of a name. Timberland has been on the market for over 35 years and the name is synonymous with quality, value and convenience, all the things that the founder, Nathan Swartz, dreamed from the beginning. Although, Timberland began as a manufacturer of casual footwear for men especially, has changed over the years, becoming the same rate as the needs of a growing customer base, which was needed to cover women.

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Timberland began when Nathan Swartz bought Abington Shoes in 1952. Though he knew nothing about the shoe trade at the time, he had a knack for business and a vision for the industry. Swartz learned the trade quickly and then analyzed the market to see where your new business would fit. Paying attention to the needs of customers and the market, small business quickly became a contender.

Time frame
In 1965, Timberland sealed his place in history by introducing injection molding. The process revolutionized the footwear industry and the Timberland brand was born. It took eight years for the company to move from shoe leather boots. By 1985, however, the Timberland boots were well known and highly respected. That led other countries to seek international export. In 1990, the company expanded to include styles specifically with women in mind. In 1996, the focus was adjusted again to make boots for children, including young girls. In 2005, Timberland Smart Wool Corporation bought in order to incorporate their abilities to regulate the temperature in their boots and clothing. The following year, Timberland acquired Howies and created a division of footwear sports active. In 2007, I also covered Path, a company specifically focused on sports field skateboarding.
Timberland makes boots for women, men and kids. Its product line includes casual shoes for everyday, active sports shoes and footwear sports special, like hiking boots, as well as professional grade boots. The products come in a variety of materials, colors and styles ranging from below the ankle shoes to mid and high, mid-calf boots. The product names include: Howies, footwear and equipment construction with the environment in mind; I Path footwear and clothing for the skate industry; standard Timberland boot built for outdoor use, and Timberland Pro, a boot for the man or working woman. Many Timberland boots can be customized, allowing consumers to choose materials, colors and stitching and embroidery special as monograms. Many boots are made ​​to be waterproof, stain resistant and extra long lasting. The cheapest boots for women usually start around $ 39.99 and go up from there, usually reaching just under $ 200.

Timberland not only produces products that women love, they do it with certain concerns in mind. The company strives to make premium boots that are durable, practical, stylish and affordable. But that is not their only concern. Also take into account the communities where their products are made. The company actively participates in community programs, infusing capital resources and volunteer. The business is equally concerned about the safety of the planet. Continue to conform to how and why materials boots are made. They have also committed to an exceptional product, and one that is respectful of the environment .

The Timberland headquarters in Stratham 200 Domain Drive, New Hampshire 03885. Retailers and department stores Timberland are all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. International sites are located in France, Japan and the UK.