The Colombian designers Diana, Luisa Alvarado and Miranda will be tomorrow at 3:30 pm on the collective Design Independent Gateway. She is a textile explorer, a hardworking weaver and admirer of the arts trades and tradition. The signature that takes its name is a constant exploration of forms techniques. Materials that combine intuitively to build deconstruct and rebuild fashion into a more conscious way creating each garment with a story without telling.

Bogota Fashion Week

Waiting to be part of another that it’s going to start. Its collection is inspired by the deterioration and abandonment of the city of Bogota. It speaks of some “ruins” that represents the forgetfulness, the evolution and the time elapsed. This inspiration translates into textures, volumes, wear, opaque colors, discolored, clear and silent. It is a minimalist and romantic catwalk in turn.

Ducky Black

She is the fashion designer behind Ducky Black, a strong brand in image and design inspired by rock / punk culture. Luisa seeks to exteriorize our fears and demons in a collection that wants to show that dark and magical side of the human being, by means of bright and dark, illustrations, prints and a combination of surrealistic materials. Camila Miranda is a Bogota brand that creates unique and timeless designs. Each tells a story and is intended to convey a discourse by means of experimental textile techniques.

For his catwalk, he uses his dream journal as inspiration for his collection. ‘Surreal Capital’ then leaves the dreamlike universe of Camila Miranda reflecting a city full of contrasts with fantastic scenarios that paradoxically are the city itself. Tight skirts dresses and blouses in dark colors, transparencies hand-painted fabrics and handcrafted eared an expression of the urban that turn into ideal looks for a capital city night at 2,600 meters from the stars.