Know how to dress properly according to your body shape makes the difference between looking fabulous and look frumpy. There are five different body types: shaped hourglass , inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle and apple. Each body type has a small set of “tips” to help you get dressed in the best way for your body. Once you determine what category you are, you can start buying the right kind of clothes that make you feel and incredible shine.

body shape





Know your body type before buying to find the right clothes. There are five different body types: shaped hourglass , inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle and apple. Figures shaped hourglass are proportional in the shoulders and hips. Moreover, this figure waist curves inward, creating a silhouette of hourglass . The inverted triangle has a waist and shoulders wider than the hips. The triangle-shaped figure is the opposite of the inverted triangle. The area of the shoulders and bust are wider than the bottom half. The rectangle shape is masculine and straight with shoulders and hips provided, but without a defined waist. The apple-shaped figure is a round shape with a broad midsection.



Buy blouses that favor your figure and they attract attention wherever you want. Figures shaped hourglass , inverted triangle and must find bodices that are tight and have low or middle triangle collars. The ideal cut may include a V-neck, a round neck or low collar style “boat.” The rectangular shapes are the opposite and should seek type sleeveless shirts “halter”. During the colder months, the rectangular shapes can search necks are more conservative, such as turtlenecks, turtlenecks and neck style “boat.” The apple-shaped figures usually want to draw attention up or down and draw attention away from the midsection. These figures should buy blouses with rhinestones or lace around the neck or robes.




Use dark flared pants for a universally flattering style, no matter your shape. In addition to the flares, straight piped and are ideal for Figs hourglass and two triangles. However, these figures should avoid folds or short pants. The rectangular shapes should look tight pants or cased. The apple-shaped figures should look straight pants or cased. Try on pants or jeans always before buying because each manufacturer is different.



Shapes your figure with dresses and skirts. The wrap dresses are ideal for Figs hourglass , both triangles and rectangle as they give a defined waist. In addition, the crossing will attract eyes downward, creating a slim figure. The apple-shaped figures should wear dresses in colors like thinning dark purple, black or dark blue. Although tunic style dresses work for these figures, combined with a flared skirt blouse and dark jacket long is the perfect attire.