All women we like to have soft, supple skin and make it look spectacular. But to achieve this, in addition to proper hygiene should be perfectly maintained.

One way to protect your skin is the body oils, as these products allow your skin to receive a daily quality treatment, leaving your skin supple and soft.

body oils

If you do not understand a lot of body oils do not worry, because then I will show you some of the best body oils that you can use today.

No. 1 Almond oil supple skin

This body oil is formulated with more than 50% of almonds and help make your skin soft and smooth.  You will feel that your skin is more hydrated because it combines almond oil (which is rich in fatty acids and omega 6) with oil Camellia (which is rich in fatty acids and omega 3).

This balance provides flexibility and comfort your skin. To  apply it is very convenient, because you have a spray that will help the oil blends with your skin. As if that were not enough, has a wonderful aroma that will make you feel fresh and fragrant.

No. 2 Revitalizing in body oil

This body oil is luxurious and has a feature that I love, and is absorbed quickly and also provides a comprehensive anti-aging. To top it off, it also moisturizes your skin and provides restorative benefits throughout the cuepo.

Have a skin with a great feeling of softness, you will feel silky and rejuvenated. You can use it daily so that your skin is always perfect.

No. 3 Body Oil

This body oil is a luxury because it blends essential oils and herbs. This combination moisturizes, softens and balances the skin.

You will find in this oils boat coconut and sesame that will help you have a glowing skin and essential oils of rosehip, among others, which will help to regenerate cells, slowing aging, increasing elasticity and increasing production collagen.

As if that were not enough, have increased hydration in your skin leaving it more soft, silky and sensual to the touch. A real treat! And if you have soft skin, is ideal for you because well it will give a calming effect.

Which of these three oils you prefer to enjoy them daily? Do you use other than you is perfect? Tell us what it is!