If you like, jewelry and accessories now you will be able to look through your body. This is body chain fashion trend that comes stomping this season and that will help you design a very special summer outfits and you can complete your look with a jewel as a chain that goes beyond being a simple necklace today we tell you how you can wear and match and where you can get one of these gadgets.

How the body look stylish chain

Which bring the body chain?

The body chain is amazing combined with a bathing suit or bikini if you want to dazzle and fill glamour sand on your beach days. However, it is also fine if you take on a body , a top or a dress or shirt more wide. This adds usually surrounds the neck and hip, but you can look only at the hip or arms.

Bohemians air accessories

The body chain is ideal to create an outfit with bohemian air especially if you combine, for example, a top crop of crochet. It looks good too with a basic black shirt as this jewel gets grab everyone’s attention.

How to wear this fashion accessory

Now, I leave you with some images that will give you an idea of how to bring this fashion accessory. They are proposals brands like Zara, Asos, Claire’s and Forever21, incorporating in its section of accessories that make these gems all attention is focused on your cleavage, if you wish. Arrive with very different designs from finite strings to other wider and even with some trinket in the neck area. Either way, they are a very original way to decorate your outfit this summer, do not you think?