Slip into a little black dress and you will become perfect in a sexy version of yourself. Women choose the color , but black has always been loved for its safe, classic and forgiving nature. The spots go unnoticed, magically hides imperfections of the body, and most importantly, somehow makes you look slimmer. However, black dresses are not perfect, so learn some tips and tricks to look your best in a black dress, and you will be as thin as ever.

To fit your body
Loose dresses are comfortable, but hide your figure. To look thinner in a black dress, choose one with a little structure. This does not mean you have to splurge find a Herve Leger bondage dress style. Choose one that suits your body. If you swim in the dress, then that will make you look bigger , not thinner. Take a step further and use a belt around the waist to accentuate a silhouette Hourglass, more flattering and attractive shape there.

look slimmer in a black dress

Very long dresses
The maxi dresses can be fashionable, but they are incredibly difficult to wear. To look thinner in any black dress, you need a straight edge, which means a dress that you do not accidentally expose your crotch, or make you look like a grandmother. The ideal length of one or two inches above the knee. If you reach the knee or below, the dress will achieve your legs look shorter than they are.

The Fall
When you want to wear the dress for a night out on the town, you want to look and feel sexy, which means you should wear a black dress that you do not cover at all. To look thinner, choose a dress with a neckline that is open in the chest area. A high-necked dress or any other high neckline will weigh you down and suffocate. ‘s best necklines that there are V-neck or heart shaped. But do not opt for one deep. Too much cleavage is not elegant.

I transform it
A black dress can resusltarte boring. To go from drab to fab (and with a slim look), add accessories to your dress and bold colors. Make a necklace or add a few bracelets. If you think you’re falling too much, take off the last accessory solocaste and ready. The pendant necklaces that end below the bust make you look thinner because they create the illusion of a longer, slimmer figure.