We know that white and black and white stripes will be two of the trends spring-summer 2013 star, and that the combination of black and white when it comes to dress is the most foolproof and common. So for next season we can get 10 looks without breaking us head combining colors.

I love the outfits in black and white, so I am delighted that these combinations will become a must for the upcoming season. When you think of a look of this style, you always think that you can be more formal or elegant, but it is clear that everything will depend on your style and clothes that you use.

black and white

From the look more simple, comfortable and sport, to the more elegant and formal proposals, that is the great range that gives us the combination of these colors. Do not think that it is not original and that your outfit is boring by choosing an option so classic and used, you can get looks as incredible as you can imagine.

Street people already committed to black and white for their looks daily, casual and rockers, and the truth is that the results are to fall in love with each one of the outfits. We like to take good note of what the it girls and fashion lovers have, it always helps to inspire us to create our own proposals and learn to give a personal touch to each garment we wear.

I quite like the black and white looks , get the balance with the perfect pairing, but it is true that sometimes it is fun to incorporate some different color, and thanks to its versatility you can use all the colors that you want to break a little styling and give prominence to the garment or plug-in you want.

Do you know what is my snap end for this type of looks? The makeup! Natural eyes marked by a mask eyelashes black and very intense, some a little rosy cheeks and some attractions, intense and fleshy red lips so they attract all eyes.