There’s something about the color red that only attractive exclaims, power and elegance. This theory also applies to the nail polish. The red enamel is the most popular color. It is generally flattering on everyone in all types of skin, but there are different red for every skin tone. Check out the glazes of the best types of red make a lovely complement dark skin.

Red Enamel Basics
The true red is suitable for all seasons, so there’s always time to show it off, although some shades of red are better according to the season especially . The red enamel is highly colored, so you can make your nails turn yellow. We recommend to always use a base coat of polish to protect your nails and make the color stick better. There are a variety of types of red enamel, from yellow to blue based, even those that have elements of orange and pink. Red always stands out, so do not wear too many accessories on your fingers or wrists.

best red nail polish


Bright Red
It’s no secret that bright colors look stunning on darker skin colors as distinctly in clearer skin complexion, those with a darker hue are not dominated by a bright shade. This the reason why, the true red stands in opposition to a darker complexion, making the color appear even brighter than it really is. A quick tip is that: although the temptation is too great, resists wear the same shade of lipstick that your bright red nail polish. The result is destructive and too choppy. Best, choose a lipstick or two shades darker mix them with another color.
Red Orange
If bright red is not sufficiently alive to your dark skin tone, then red enamel color should work. The combination of the two colors will make your complexion look even deeper dark and tanned. Since orange is the color red throughout the end of the family shiny red enamel, is best used during the warmer weather months of the year.

Not all nail polishes have to be bright and flashy. Some are clearly more subtle red in color imaging. Such is the case of burgundy, which contains elements combined with a shaded brown deep crimson red. The burgundy enamel may not highlight your dark skin like other reds, but it is obtained a minimalist look. The winter months are the best to use this color, as well as wearing clothing in earth tones accordingly.