Well, ladies, for now the chances are that they know the importance of the power of a little black dress. However, the essential nature of makeup that can be combined correctly with this dress might be a little less obvious. The black is a good color, because it can be associated with virtually any tone and the result is fabulous. As the center of makeup, lips must always look the best. Look what the best lipsticks shades that give personality to your dress black.

best lipstick

This color is clearly a no-brainer, as the fierce combination of black and red do not go out of fashion over time. A ruby ​​red lipstick is just what you need to draw the attention of everyone in a room. One of the best things about red lipstick is that there are many varieties, ensuring that all women have perfect tone. Skinned women should opt for blue-based red, whereas the olive complexion look better with dark reds and burgundy, and finally, those with dark skin tones turn heads with bright red tones.

Skin Color
Let your dress be the center of attention. Wearing a skin-colored lipstick will accentuate the attention not only in the dress black, but also in the rest of your makeup. But just because your lipstick is very thin does not mean contribution. To achieve a simple style, you can opt for a skin-colored lipstick with a matte finish, but if you want a more dramatic effect, add some clear gloss. The exact shade varies for each skin sores. The key is to find the best color that most closely matches your natural skin tone.
Clarifies the ferocious nature of your black dress with a feminine and pink lip. Closely associated with all things sweet girls who adorn their lips with pink lipstick, is a way to give your dress a playful character. Like red, pink also comes in a variety of strengths, so it really just depends on your preferences and mood. The light pink are less dramatic, while dark tones and ensures you stand out. Quick Tip: to inject an element of contrast, line your lips with the liner a shade lighter or darker and mix.

Of course, your dress is black color, but that does not mean you can not shine. Add metallic lipstick to your appearance is a fabulous way to make your lips they are a fashion accessory . When you put on your lips sparkling tone, you have the option to give up wearing jewelry because your lips provide adequate brightness. The colors gold, silver, copper and bronze are all great choices lipstick to add shine without overburdening.