The men want to have a hair great in almost the same way women, but guys with hair thickness are often difficult to have a good cut of hair . The hair may thicken and become thick and unruly kids do not always know what to do, how to cut it or even how to comb. Fortunately, there are some options for guys with hair thickness to create hairstyles that are very manageable.

Military Court

A military court is a style of hair that some may consider what is known as fading. This cutting hair starts with hair to a length in the front and the length is cut evenly as it arrives at the sides and back of the head. The military court is a section of hair popular for military and any other guy who wants to achieve a low maintenance look for your hair thicker. Stylized may consist only allow your hair to air dry naturally or by adding some gel with stylized hair wet for a more elegant hairstyle.

Best hairstyles for guys


The shaved is achieved using scissors or clippers hair and often it is the same length everywhere around the head. The shaved is a low maintenance option for kids who do not want to deal with your hair thicker. Styling a cropped cut is very easy and usually does not need any product. Those who want a little shine and style can add a touch of light cream or gel throughout the hair while wet.

Court texture

Cuts give texture texture using a machine to shave or angled cuts using scissors point to add dimension and remove excess hair thicker. A cut texture is ideal for boys with hair because it removes excess bulk and volume of this type of hair , leaving it manageable. The end result is a cutting hair very frizzy and textured. The website suggests this cut styling hair styling wax. Emulsified wax styling hands and then apply it on the hair dry with a towel. Work the first product on the tips and then along the scalp. Then let the hair dry naturally.