In the last two years, makeup trends that have taken have advanced at a rapid pace and surprised us by their vivid colors, especially those that refer to the rainbow. If you want to give this bold and daring touch to your look either hair, eyelashes, lips, nails or make a false life but full of freckles, we leave the trends that have excelled for their bright tones.

beauty trends

To achieve them remember that there are no rules to this style, all you need is to be carried away by your imagination and creativity. It consists of different colors painted freckles on her cheeks or other parts of the face. Rainbow hair or Rainbow Hair is a trend that has taken hold since 2015. Changing hair color to bold shades is no longer exclusive to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, one of the first to use it.

This trend is it revolutionizing social networks especially Integra, it is the arch eyebrows iris. Another way to look spectacular this summer is taking the colors of the rainbow in your eyes and catches the eyes of others. After illuminator colors, this new form of makeup took over social networks. If you want to look like a real unicorn be sure to try.

Nail Color

To make your look is almost complete you cannot do without this magical and fabulous nail art.

Liven up your mouth

You just need a bit of colored shadows, lip balm for your mouth, and look sensational colors. If you want a look bold and colorful, put to work. Choose the one that suits you and give life to your face and hands.