When it comes to the shape of the face , most women want an oval shape, as it has a slim appearance and is considered ideal. For those with a round shape , find a way to make your face look slimmer and more oval can be a real challenge. Fortunately there are many beauty tips that can help make your face look thinner and elongated without going under the knife of a surgeon.

Bronzing powder
Stroke is one of the easiest ways to make your face look thinner. If you already have a bronzer in your makeup bag, the product may have a dual role to outline when you pair with an angular brush or powder brush. Sweep the bronzer along the contours of your cheeks, which are located just below your cheekbones. Suck your cheeks inward can help you identify this area if you are unsure of where to put the color. For a more natural look, mix bronzer back towards your hair line. You can also outline your brow, down the sides of your nose and along the jaw line to give an overall slimmer appearance to your face . If the bronzer is too dark or orange for your skin tone, use a neutral blush or contouring powder dark.

Beauty tips to look thin face

Try with two base shades
For a more natural look subtle and convoluted, two-tone can serve basis. Choose a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone and one that is slightly lighter. Apply the darker foundation along the outer portions of your face where you have more roundness, as the temples and jaw line. You can also apply the darker foundation in the contours of your cheek, careful to mix the product. Use the lighter foundation in the center of your face , including the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Regularly sponge works best for applying foundation for this technique. This type of contouring highlights the center of your face so that attention is brought there, while the darker base it along the contour makes the busiest portions of your face recede to give a slimmer look.
Get the perfect hair cut
The right hair cut can instantly remove pounds (kg) of your face , while a bad cut can emphasize the roundness. In general, the long styles are a better choice when you want to lose weight your face because lengthen the look. Adding layers can camouflage a face round, but make sure you finish the layers below or above the chin, not directly on the chin. If your hair is fine or thin, consider hair extensions with clip, to make it look thicker and that balances the roundness of your face . Curls and waves are another way to add volume to your hair and make your face appear thinner. Also, avoid picking your hair back from your face , as this will only emphasize roundness whatever you’re trying to disguise.

Emphasize your eyes or lips
Draw attention away from areas of your face that can be rounder can give a slimmer appearance too. Try to emphasize your eyes when brushing your eyebrows and make your lashes stand out. A generous coat of mascara can work or you can add false lashes to add more drama. The eyeliner can help make your eyebrows look thicker too, so choose a black, dark brown, dark gray for the eyelash line. If you’re feeling brave, try a dramatic look with a black smoky shadow, gray or dark blue eyes. For a more natural look using neutral shades like brown, gold, or tan. If you prefer a simpler style for your eyes makeup, playing with your lips. A bright red or cherry can instantly brighten your face and make it look thinner.