The women with skin tone candy have the advantage of having a warm glow all year. Often seen in people of African or Latino origin, skin candy is characterized by a natural golden color that gives the impression of having a tan even in the winter months. If you are one of the lucky ones who have a beautiful complexion of this tone, learn to play with the warm colors to give your skin a soft, velvety appearance and enhance your overall beauty.



When base is up , the skins candy have several options. If you are using a liquid form or powder, choose those with a shade of yellow or gold background and avoid light colors and ivories. The bronzing powder, to be used sparingly in most women, it actually works as a base in skin tone candy . Another idea is to add a pinch of gold dust to your moisturizer and apply the mixture instead of up . You will achieve a healthy, natural looking glow.

Beauty tips for women

Upgrade your facial qualities
To improve the golden tones background having your skin and display at night, try to apply some loose powder on your cheekbones golden and a little dab in the center of the forehead and chin. This technique will give a dramatic look to improve all the features of your face. If you try and you suddenly realize that you seem to have dipped in gold dust, go to your skin with a clean, wide and soft for stirring and mixing of the color brush.

Avoid at all costs shades of silver pastel eyes or having a dull sheen, which clash with your golden complexion too. Stay with warm, autumnal colors for eyes, or you’re something more fresh and summery as a green, look for one with a little golden glow or mix with a small amount of loose powder gold. Highlight your eyes by applying a little gold dust just below the eyebrow and on the inner corners of the eyes. You’ll get an exotic and mysterious look.


Avoid artificial tanning
It is best to never use fake tan skin tone candy . Since this type of complexion and has an unnatural tan, self-tanner can actually hide it and give skin a dull orange appearance. If you have to put some fake tan, use it gradually and try it before on a small patch of skin to make sure you do not end up with an orange tint. Also a good idea to consult a professional.


Stay away from pink blush or those that have a purplish base color such as raspberry and roses in general. Opt for colors that have bases in orange or gold, which combine well with the nuances of your complexion. Stick to peaches, corals or any blush that has a coppery sheen. Once more , you can also use a bronzer instead of blush stain color to give your cheeks a air more natural.


Help yourself with the color of your hair
Improve your overall complexion with good hair color. Avoid too dark and dramatic colors like black and platinum blond, which collide with your warm skin. Some ideas you can try are the rich brown tones infused with caramel , golden blond highlights or sand and reddish brown with golden or coppery sheen. The golden highlights look good in general and improve the complexion regardless of color.