Many adolescents develop a keen interest in beauty tips and products that enhance your style. From hair to makeup and skin care, teenagers want to do everything possible to be fashionable without having to go broke with designer products. What many do not know, however, is that the products natural and some special beauty tips can help you get that style of beauty naturally they crave.

Less is more
There is an old saying “less is more”. This is a good rule for teens who want to look beautiful so naturally . Starts with makeup, avoid like a rainbow makeup and cover your face with masks base. The base should be used with care and only in problem areas or to match the texture of the skin. Teen keep that fresh look using less makeup, lip gloss and a soft tone just some blush. When it comes to hair must follow the same rule. A simple hairstyle is her hair loose or be a ponytail, creates a style naturally and beautiful.

tips for teens

Heals cold cucumber
The late nights, study sessions for exams and maintain an active social life can make the eyes look puffy from lack of sleep. To remedy this, go to the fridge, cut slices of cucumber and place one on each closed eyelid. Cucumbers are effective to rehydrate the skin and reduce swelling because they are composed of 90% water. To keep the skin around the eyes in good condition, place cucumber slices over the eyes for a few minutes every day.
A perfect face
Protect your skin during adolescence is as important as having good skin as adults. During adolescence bears skin caused by hormonal imbalances of puberty changes. Oily skin is very common and can cause rashes and acne. To maintain flawless skin try some of these techniques at home. Always wash your face before applying makeup and wash it again at night. Sleeping with makeup on can cause your pores to clog and create a rash. Adolescents do facial with oatmeal. Oatmeal is given to children with chickenpox to help reduce redness, swelling and itching of the skin. A mask of cold cooked oatmeal is the best way to stay calm and naturally healthy skin.

Moisturizing and protection
To achieve an appearance naturally is important for teenagers moisturize hair and skin. Moisturizing the skin keeps it young and supple and prevents wrinkles. Protect skin from sun damage is another way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. You can kill two birds with one stone by buying moisturizers with sunscreen against UV rays. Hair is another part of the body that needs care and moisturizing. Many teens use bucleras and irons for styling and also make reflections or make clear. These treatments can damage the hair and dry, but if you use moisturizers and protective products your hair will look healthy and shiny.