Celebrities always seem to look good, whether walking the red carpet, starring in a film or through the lens of the paparazzi. Having a team of makeup artists, stylists, personal trainers and other beauty professionals, many celebrities rely on tips and secrets that cost little or nothing, and can be replicated by just about anyone in need of a little glamor.

Good waist

Christina Hendricks , who plays the character of Joan Holloway on “Mad Men”, likes to emphasize the waist to show her curvaceous figure, an easy task for most women. Using tight dresses rather loose clothing, Hendricks figure creates a nice sand clock. And to keep your waistline looking good, she likes the low-fat frozen yogurt, described by the magazine Marie Claire as “a revelation.”


Tips and beauty secrets of celebrities

Beautiful nails

According to Model Beauty Tip, Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts pampers her nails with a single treatment. For several minutes each week, Star soaked fingers in olive oil, which naturally moisturizes nails. Olive oil also softens cuticles, making them more easy to trim and tidy up, and also prevents loose nails through deep skin hydration. To replicate the routine of Julia, put your fingers for a few minutes in olive oil, and massage the excess fluid in the hands and skin when you’re done.

Radiant Denture

Before attending a premiere of a movie or a famous event where cameras are taking photos, film and television actress Michelle Trachtenberg ensures that your smile will dazzle. By using whitening strips available in most pharmacies and grocery stores, Trachtenberg tells the strips Beauty Blitz “give me a smile that stands out.” The whitening strips can be used for a few minutes a day every few months to create a broad smile of beautiful white teeth, adding sparkle to any face.


Make your lipstick last longer

The lipstick brings life and color to any face, but make the color last can be tricky. Renowned makeup artist Laura Mercier , who has run a line of cosmetics since 1996, shared a trick with Good Housekeeping. Mercier suggests women a layer of lipstick applied by placing a piece of tissue from a single layer on your pout . Then apply a powder puff on the lips will make the last play of colors over without smudging or flaking.


Sugar Scrub

To keep your skin more beautiful, actress Jessica Biel has a sweet secret, according to Model Beauty Tip. By mixing a couple of teaspoons of regular sugar with a jet of cleaning fluid, it creates a gentle exfoliant that cleans the dead, flaky skin to reveal a smoother complexion. The sugar granules are non-abrasive and will not damage or irritate the skin the way some commercial tonics do.