The beauty industry, cosmetology and offers many opportunities to work in different fields related to beauty. Students from the schools of learning how to create beautiful hair styles, cuts and how to apply makeup. The graduates of the school can work in a beauty salon or open your own business. The first step to a career in the beauty industry is choosing the right school. There are thousands of beauty schools available in the United States, so it is essential that you choose one that meets all your personal needs and professional expectations.


Find an accredited school. All schools in the U.S. They are either accredited or non-accredited. An accredited school is one that has met the requirements of the government to certain minimum educational standards and curriculum. Students enrolled in schools accredited may apply for financial aid to help pay for their education. The schools of beauty are accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, the Council on Occupational Education, and accrediting commissions Schools Career and Technological Universities or Colleges and Schools Independent.

beauty schools

Find a school of beauty titles conferred the graduates . Many schools technical awarded a certificate of completion, but the schools of beauty that are accredited will usually grant an associate degree to those who complete their program. Use your degree as a springboard to higher education, and credits earned may be transferable to another university. Or, request credits earned toward achieving a college degree.

Question about employment services for graduates . Some schools offer counseling and job placement assistance to its students as graduation approach. The school must maintain records reflecting the percentage of graduates found employment after graduation.

A specialization in racing beauty is makeup. Visit the school in person. Schedule a tour of the school by calling the admissions office and talking to a counselor, ask questions about the school when you are traveling. Ask counselors about the types of classes that you will take, ask to see the classrooms and laboratories where students gain practical experience. Find out if the school offers classes for careers in specialized beauty and makeup artistry and nail care.

Contact the licensing authority in your state for a list of requirements for licensing as a cosmetologist. Some states require a cosmetologist hairdresser holds a license if you cut the hair. Find out if the school you plan to attend to help graduates prepare for state licensing exams.