The beauty salons and local styling usually placed posters in their windows. These posters, which show images of men and women with cute haircuts and bright colors serve as a method of advertising for salon services. If you want to stand out from the competition, create a homemade poster instead of resting in options trading posters. To attract more customers, announce special offers or services of your salon in the poster.


Examines current posters in your living room or a nearby room. Do the posters show models with shiny hair dyed? They advertise? Great deals?

beauty salon

Lists the advertising needs of your living room. Advertising helps inform the public of the special services offered by your salon or reasons why your salon is superior to competitors. Possible elements include unique services to advertise, budget cuts, stylists with excellent training and dyeing and staining quality.
Design your poster on a piece of scrap paper. At the top of the poster, write the name of your salon. At the bottom, write the message you want to convey. For example, he writes: “Free Wash with every cut,” or “Cortes conducted by certified stylists.” In the center of the poster, draw a sketch of the image you want to include. The image should show a woman with a cute haircut.

Write the words on the poster with a marker or pen. Color the words in a tone that stands out without being strident.

Draw the outline of a woman at the center of the poster. Draw an oval shape and connect to a rectangular neck. At the end of the neck, add diagonal lines to represent the shoulders.

Add details to the woman. In the center of the oval, draw two almond-shaped eyes. Under the eyes, draw a diagonal line extending downward. Connect it to the nose. Draw a short vertical line extending toward the center of the face. Under the nose, draw the shape of the lips to represent the mouth.

Draw the haircut. Place a pen along the hairline. Draw a partition that extends to the back of the neck. Extends the front in a cut that leans to the right. Extend the left side of the partition line that leans to the left. These lines should follow the curve of the face. At the end of the lines, draw a round shape that extends over the heads and connect the lines.

Color the face of woman with pens or markers. You can color your hair only to highlight the services of your salon dye.