It really is not rocket science. Every woman wants to know all the secrets of beauty of the world , when really the beauty secrets most desired are actually quite simple. For some reason, no matter how hard we try to achieve that “perfect” look, we can not be content with that. Women seem to “settle” with his own beauty rather than exploring and maximizing simple ways. If you ever dreamed of being a beauty expert, this is what you need to know.


Always keep in mind: less is more ! It is very true. Looks like our mothers and grandmothers have told us again and again, and yet they have not learned many women. Too much makeup is overrated and is long gone. The new glamor is more natural. Let your own natural beauty shine. Use makeup to enhance, not to create.

beauty expert

You should always play with a feature! Your lips or your eyes, never both. If you’re using a lot of eye makeup, try a lighter shade or clear gloss. If you’re addicted to lipstick … keep your light side (stay away flush excess) and uses only mascara and a sober shade your eyes. No delinees your eyes a lot. But you’ll look like a clown.

When applying makeup, do it pat! Palmea concealer in the face, never rub. We know this from the deTyra Banks Show. (Yes, I see Tyra, I sue me!). When applying concealer, put a bit in the middle fingertip and apply with spanking, never rub. Have Acne? Top with pat concealer.

Know that your natural hair looks good. If you have naturally wavy hair, let it do its thing. Add some Modeler product to highlight what you have. If you have very dark hair, light it going to a tone more clear or light reflections Clarita. You? Blonde? Dealing with reflections, especially to frame the face. The trick is to let people assume you were born with sun-kissed hair, not that you did a bad job with the dye bottle. Check the back of the box before you buy. The color chart is very useful!

Use Vaseline. Vaseline is a good, inexpensive eye makeup remover. It is also great for chapped lips. Spread plenty of Vaseline, then use a toothbrush to massage your lips. Clean excess with a tissue. Your lips will be soft, toned.

Become layers. Long layers are great for any hair type: curly, straight or wavy. They make fine hair look more thick, curly hair that seems manageable and wavy hair appear fresh from the beach. Just be sure not to have too many layers. Too short coats are out of fashion.

No delinees inside the eye! This will make your eyes look more young. Instead, outlined in the lash line. Also, an obvious line does not look natural. Blurs the line a bit.

Use self-tanner instead of the actual sun. Yes, lotion or spray. The old days are gone tanning. Not good fry in the sun for long hours or spend $ 40 for frying your skin. Prevents wrinkles and skin cancer just using a lotion. How simple can that be? In ten years you’ll be grateful you did.

Try to exercise three times a week. The more exercise, less cellulite and less wrinkles. Not only be able to eat more , you’ll also have many calories. Exercise is a great mood lifter. You’ll feel better instantly. Not only good for your heart, body and wellness, but immediately sends endorphins to the brain.

Remember to drink water! Water is the instrument most important to your beauty. Keep your skin and body hydrated. This helps prevent wrinkles, gives a great feeling and makes your skin look wonderful.

Let your nails grow naturally. Natural nails are best! Do not spend much money on manicures when you can do it yourself. Artificial nails are ideal for special occasions, but ruin your natural nails. Take them and give them natural oval or square around your finger. Apply nail strengthener and let them grow. Keep your nails clean and uniform.

It uses olive oil instead of expensive products. You can do many things to your beauty with olive oil . It is a great deep conditioner for hair and a great natural skin moisturizer.